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“Logo fixed”

  • Olivia Dissescou

    Hi, is it possible to have the logo staying at the same place when we scroll down so that we always see it?

    1:57 on May 21, 2014

  • Ruben


    This can be possible with a bit of custom CSS code added in the proper place, within the Theme Options. However, if you make the logo to stick, you'll have to reduce it's size because after some scrolling, the place for the logo will be too small. Try the code to see what i'm talking about:

    .logo { position: fixed; }
    .hero-sticky-title { margin-left: 80px; }

    Modify the 80px margin to accommodate your logo (it moves the sticky title if your logo is now on top of it).


    1:57 on May 21, 2014