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Before registering in our support system, please, make sure you follow and understand these guidelines & terms:

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  • Opening a public ticket will help others to find useful information about frequent doubts or little tweaks
  • Support only covers all those queries about issues related to the theme or about little guides to achieving basic modifications via CSS. We will try to help as better as possible, but notice that any feature that is not covered within the item's description will be considered as a custom request.
  • We check the support area regularly during business hours (9:00h-18:00h UTC+1). We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours.
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  • Make sure that your query was not asked before.
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  • When opening a ticket try to provide as much information as possible. Your site URL, screenshots about your doubts and queries, access data to your site (open a private ticket for this)... this will save a lot of time to both sides.
  • We try to do our best to provide help. So please, be patient, we will back to you as soon as possible.

Queries during weekends will be answered next Monday.


You may think that this is not an important aspect of your website, but if you want your site to run really fast, you need to get good hosting. This is the first step in having a fast site, which also translates into more visits, which also translates into better SEO, which finally translates into more sales.

There are a few hosting companies that we recommend:

  • Cloudways (our recommendation) → After a decade of working with users from all over the globe and trying all kinds of hosting providers, we have found a company providing the best value in terms of performance and pricing. Starting just at $10 (it includes a free SSL certificate) you will have a highly performant service that will bring your website to a different level in speed terms, security, and fully supported. This is the company we use for all of our operative needs. We are recommending it because we found a high value and we want to share this with you as well. Start a hassle-free WordPress installation now and get 15% off for three months with the START15 discount code. You have 7 days to try the service for free.
  • Kinsta → A very good and high-quality option for your website. One of the best options in the market.
  • Flywheel → Fully specialized in hosting optimized for WordPress websites.
  • Media Temple → If you want premium WordPress hosting which is easy to manage and works pretty well, this is a good choice to host your website on.
  • SiteGround → For many years, this was one of the best choices and it still is. Even the smaller plans are working nicely for small projects.


↬ Hire your WordPress Expert Developer to get your customizations done. If you have some specific requests, as you know, we cannot provide any kind of customization as part of our support scope, but we can recommend you work with some of the best developers for WordPress out there. Some of them are WordPress core contributors even and they all are picked up by Codeable one by one after a hard selection process. This process ensures that you will work with a really good developer delivering your needs with quality and extremely good timing.

Notice: By signing up in our support area you show knowledge about your mail account and will be part of an intern file from us collecting some personal data from you (username, mail & log timestamp). In no way, this information will be shared with third parties and only will be used for being in contact with you, keeping you updated regarding your ticket status, to meaningful news from us like important updates or new releases. You can revoke this permission by writing us at vankarwai.sprt(at)gmail.com at any time. 

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